About Our Company

D&D Machine & Hydraulics Inc, located in Fort Myers, Florida, is a manufacturer of hydraulically driven, submersible pumping systems that serves the Agricultural, Construction, Industrial, Mining, Petroleum, and Municipal markets worldwide. More than 30 years ago, D&D realized the unlimited potential of hydraulics.
Harvey Canal Pumps
Seven, D&D 42-inch Axial Flow pump systems at the Harvey Canal in New Orleans pass test by Army Corps of Engineers in simulated Hurricane Test. August 2007
Since then, D&D has revolutionized the dewatering industry with a series of hydraulically driven pumps that provides the most technologically advanced and precisely engineered features available today.

Specifically, D&D builds electric or diesel-driven Power Units and Axial Flow, Trash, Sludge, Slurry/Digester, and Mixed Flow pumpheads. The flow capacities of these pumpheads range from 450gpm to 55,000gpm and heads of 250 feet are attainable. If a standard pump will not meet the performance needed for a special application, D&Ds wide range of specialty pumps can meet your individual requirement.

When the owners acquired D&D, it was a four-employee, custom machine shop that repaired pumps used by local farmers. Shortly thereafter, D&D began to manufacture hydraulic pumps for a local sales and rental company. In the 1980s, as the business grew, D&D began to sell to other customers throughout the country eventually achieving global recognition.

Yuma Arizona Pumps
D&D 30-inch Axial Flow pump systems at work in Yuma, Arizona

D&D goes to market via distributors and direct sales channels on every continent. Its growth has continued, and today, through trade publications, advertising, customer referrals, and a developing dealer network, new markets and applications are being recognized for its versatile equipment.

For 39 years, the D&D name has been associated with product reliability and performance. D&D is determined to carry on its tradition of providing an expertly designed and manufactured product through innovation in modern manufacturing technology. This, coupled with its focus on offering outstanding customer service, make D&D the leader in the dewatering industry.

The Hydraulic Edge

Innovation in modern manufacturing technology and attention to customer service make D&D the leader in the dewatering industry. D&D Pumps will give you "The Hydraulic Edge."