Trash Sludge Axial & Mixed Flow Slurry/Digester
Agriculture Watering livestock, irrigation, dewatering pastures and crop fields Manure pits, Settling ponds Irrigation, dewatering pastures and crop fields, Shrimp farm water circulation, flood control Heavy cleaning of digester tanks, sludge/solids removal
Construction Excavation dewatering, trench dewatering, concrete form dewatering, drainage, ground-water level control Material pumping Caisson dewatering, site dewatering, coffer dam excavation, flood control Seawall construction, marina excavation
Environmental River and stream by-passing, flood control, wetlands revitalization, landfill leachate pumping Swamp clean-up Wetlands revitalization, river and stream by-passing, flood control, field dewatering Maintenance Dredging
Hazardous Waste Barge and tanker off-loading, oil spill clean-up, chemical spill clean-up Oil recovery, oil spill clean-up, sludge pond remediation Water treatment, spill clean-up, spill area by-pass Sludge pond remediation
Industrial Emergency standby pumps, cooling water Waste-water clarifying, sludge removal, digester cleaning Cooling water, waste-water removal  
Marine Marine salvage, floating dry-dock ballast, bilge pumps, boat-lock control, dry-dock dewatering Barge and tanker cleanout, oil spill control Marine salvage, floating dry dock ballast, boat-lock control, dry-dock dewatering Canal and channel maintenance dredging, marina maintenance dredging, beach renewal
Mining & Quarry Ground water control, flood control, pit dewatering, material washdown, settling pond cleanout Settling pond cleaning, Material washing, site dewatering Settling pond cleaning, sand and gravel minings
Public Service Firefighting water supply, emergency dewatering pumps, manhole dewatering Flood control, wildlife enhancement    
Utilities Sewer by-passing, standby pumps, recirculating pumps, tank cleaning, water intake tunnel cleaning, manhole dewatering Clarifier cleaning, sludge pumping, digester cleanout, sludge-pond remediation Recirculating pumps, by-pass pumps, water supply pumps, cooling water pumps, sewer by-passing Sludge pond remediation, water intake cleaning, maintenance dredging