Axial Flow Pumps
The Axial Flow Pump is the pump of choice when pumping large volumes of "clear" water at maximum heads of 25 feet. Whether your needs are flood control, field irrigation or moving large volumes of water, rely on D & D Axial Flow Pumps for maximum performance.

42" Axial Flow Pump 30" Axial Flow Pump 24" Axial Flow Pump

Slurry Digester Pumps
The D & D Slurry Digester Pump is specifically designed for pumping sewage, silt and other viscous material that cannot be pumped with conventional lift pumps.

Sludge Pumps
The submersible Sludge Pump has all the advantages of the open type trash pump, but due to the impeller design, it will pump extremely high percent solid content liquids.

6" Sludge Pump 4" Sludge Pump

Trash Pumps
Submersible Trash Pumps are designed to pump water containing solids such as mud, weed, trash, sticks and other foreign materials that cannot be pumped with conventional centrifugal pumps.

12" Trash Pump 10" Trash Pump 8" Trash Pump 6" Trash Pump

Power Units
Hydraulic power units for all heavy duty applications, D & D Power Units are designed and manufactured for quality & trouble-free operation under the severest conditions.

900 Silent Pack Power UnitD800 Power Unit D400 Power Unit D250 Power Unit