The Rugged One

The Rugged One D800 Power Unit

Hydraulic power units for all heavy duty applications, D & D Power Units are designed and manufactured for quality & trouble-free operation under the severest conditions. Featuring a centralized control and gauge panel for ease of start up and systems monitoring, The Rugged One comes complete with fully automatic safety shutdown, including low hydraulic oil, oil temperature, engine oil pressure and engine temperature. A simple manual control valve unloads the hydraulic system allowing start and shutdown under a no load condition. Also, there is no clutch unit to worry about. The power unit is completely self contained and can provide hydraulic power in the most remote locations.

Standard equipment includes diamond plate fenders, roll bar / lifting bracket, stabilizing legs, and heavy duty steel construction.

With availability of additional options the power unit can drive generators, air compressors and hydraulic tools, making D & D power units a stand alone power source. Power units are available in diesel or electric on trailer or skid mounts and may be custom built to your needs.

Standard features and benefits

  • Highway trailer of "I" beam construction skid. Easy to move or set in place.
  • Stabilizing legs on trailer keeps power unit level on any terrain.
  • Prime mover can be diesel engine or electric motor. Utilizes most economical power source.
  • Centralized control and gauge panel. Easy start up and monitoring system.
  • Automatic safety shutdowns. Protection for low hydraulic oil, high hydraulic oil temperature, low oil pressure and high engine temperature.
  • Prime mover and hydraulic pump are direct drive. No hydraulic pump failures due to belt drives.
  • Hydraulic oil suction strainer, return filter and tank filter breather. Protects hydraulic system against dirt contamination.
  • Large fuel tank, 24 hours of run time or more.
    Control valve unloads hydraulic systems. Start and shutdown are done with no load.
  • Many custom options available.
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