Trash Pumps

12" Trash Pump

Submersible Trash Pumps are designed to pump water containing solids such as mud, weed, trash, sticks and other foreign materials that cannot be pumped with conventional centrifugal pumps. The semi-open intake design permits the inflow of water at varying rates and does not require any suction lines. As the inflow of water increases or decreases, the pump motor can be regulated to handle the varying conditions at maximum wear on the pump head. Whatever the dewatering requirements may be, from gradual seepage of water into the manhole, or the dewatering of a borrow pit or quarry that requires the removal of millions of gallons of water per day, there is a D & D built pump for the job. Trash pumps are available is sizes 4" through 18".

Standard features and benefits

  • pecial hydraulic pump, provides bearing lubrication.
  • Flow capabilities: 1,850 gpm ‐ 6,800 gpm.
  • Cast steel bearing tube, oil bath bearing lubrication.
  • 304 stainless steel pump shaft, long pump life.
  • Two sets of ball bearings, no side load wear.
  • Fabricated iron volute and impeller, rugged performance.
  • #125 discharge flange, easy connection.
  • Lifting bale, easy to move.
  • Inlet screen, keeps out over sized objects.
  • Spins on hydraulic connectors, fast set up.